As we strive to be your partner in your discovery research efforts, we have built our offerings to encompass models and assays that cover a range of discovery needs. Whether you need to screen a large number of compounds quickly or need to fully characterize a single compound, APS has the capabilities and experience to help you meet your goals.

As experienced pain researchers, we recognize that pain can manifest itself in multiple and diverse ways, including hypersensitivity, use-related pain behaviors, and pain-suppressed behaviors, to name a few. As such, we have established multiple ways to assess pain-related behaviors and we are constantly striving to add to and refine our offerings.

Our services include the following endpoints:
  • Mechanical Allodynia
  • Mechanical Hyperalgesia
  • Thermal Hyperalgesia
  • Weight Bearing
  • Grip Strength
  • Joint Compression
  • Spontaneous Flinching
  • Visceromotor Response (EMG)
  • Acute Nociception
  • Intestinal Transit

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